Field Rules and Limits

#1 rule Don't be a Jerk - Have fun

Be considerate of other players with respect to experience and play style.  Watch language.  Many players are under 18

FPS Limits - Every gun is checked every day!!

AEG - 380 FPS with .20 gram BB

HPA - 1.5 Jule with .30 gram BB

All pistols are chronoed  

Semi only firing. NO FULL AUTO

CALL YOUR HITS!!! - Not someone else

Raise your hand and say "HIT" then follow rules for the rest of the game

Don't Overshoot other players. Give people a chance to call their hits.

Zero elevation field - No climbing on anything.


You must be able to see your target down the barrel of your gun.  

No Dry firing in staging area

Barrel covers must be on at all times when not in a game.

Airsoft approved full seal eye pro must be worn in briefing and on field at all times - NO EXCEPTION

No firing at anything over 8ft. No shooting through holes smaller than a fist.

Airsoft approved sound and BB grenades only are allowed.

Grenades must be tossed underhand in to an area.  Everyone in the room or within a 10ft radius is considered "hit" by grenade.  NO hiding behind structures or other players.  

LMG and DMR are allowed

Min 10 ft. distance for engagement.  May shoot out of buildings but NOT in to buildings.  

Bang - Bang

Within 10ft if a player has a clear shot at another player a player may say "Bang" instead of shooting the other player.  This is the recommended approach.  If players are not willing to respect the "Bang" they are subject to being shot at close range during the course of the game


When one player taps (not strikes) another player with a foam weapon it counts as a kill.  The tapped player respawns per game rules.  Hands do not count as Melee weapons.  


When 2 players both get a clear shot at each other at close range, (less than 10ft) Example - 2 players turn a corner at the same time.  Both players can call Parle turn and walk 10ft in opposite directions and resume play.  

Strobe lights are forbidden.

If there is a problem during the day notify a ref or a staff member.

Do not take matters in to your own hands.  Fighting is never allowed.  

Nobody is to enter or exit the field without the permission of a ref. Eye pro is to be worn on the

Poor sportsmanship and inappropriate connduct is not permitted

Anyone found vandalizing, intentionally striking or attempting to damage field property as well as poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave immediately with no refund of field fees or rental cost.  

Crucible Airsoft Oho LLC or one of its representatives may alter or change these rules at any time.

Crucible Airsoft Oho LLC or one of its representatives are not responsible for lost or stollen goods